My Amazing Belt Buckle Collection

This is Jon's collection of Dug relic belt buckles. I didn't really mean to start it, it just started to grow. I like relics from identified places, and one of the things that can be found in many different battlefields are belt buckles. So it just kind of happened. I am trying to not collect good condition buckles, but only ones that were lost during the wars and have seen action.  A number have turned out to be German buckles reworked by the Soviets for their own use. Probably tossed away when they found a better one. The large number of SS buckles is just a coincidence. I did not go out of my way to collect those. And I have just not had much luck with good WW1 buckles.


I am always interested in adding to the collection if you have a found buckle that comes from an identified place. I prefer the found location to be as accurate as possible, but in many cases all I can get is the provenance is just the area of a specific campaign.  Drop me a line at    jon at gawne dot com       if you have a dug buckle you'd like to give me or sell me at a reasonable cost.....

WW1   1914-1915 found in the Vosges Mountains about 1990 - From JPV Early French Army, brass. I think this one is what got me started, as I was really struck by the patterns of corrosion on the brass.
WW1   found in the Carapathian Mountains Austrian Army, Brass.  Found by WG
WW1   found in the Carapathian Mountains Austrian Army, Brass. Found by WG
WW1 1917-1918 Found Near Chateau Thierry German (Prussian) Army- Later war Steel. . note how the face is so paper thin some letters are rusted out leaving a hole in their shape.        
  WW1 1918 Found at field hospital location at  *** Two different US belt buckles found in the trash heap of a field hospital which means they almost certainly came from discarded uniforms of wounded soldiers. Top one is patent date 1904, while the other is marked to the Russell Manufacturing company. Found by CT
WW2 Buckles De-Nazified by the Russians and used by Soviet soldiers
WW2  1944-1945 Found in the Kurland Pocket, 2000 German army- Aluminum, Central area cut out most probably for use by Russian soldiers at the time.  Found in Russian Trenchline.
WW2 1944-1945 Found in the Kurland Pocket, Latvia. 2005 Waffen SS- Steel, Central area cut out most probably for use by Russian soldiers at the time.
WW2 1944-1945 Kurland Pocket German - entire central part cut out for use by Russian soldiers. Part of the leather is still in place.
WW2 1944-45 Found in the Kurland Pocket, Latvia. 2006 Germany Army- face shaved down and a brass plate (from a shell casing?) fastened to the front by the Soviets. The brass plate is held on by four corner rivets.
Non-modified WW2 Buckles
WW2 1944  Found in  Normandy This is an American trouser buckle, which is not as cool as other countries, but hey- its a buckle. Found by a friend at the Ghost Ridge.
WW2   From a small forgotten fight on the Dutch-Belgian Border German Army, Aluminum, crushed by something. Here's a shot of it with other items from the same day's hunt Found by LP in 2004 at Gorp en Roovert
WW2 1945 The Reichswald Forest German Army, Steel, Found by LP
WW2  1944 The Elsenborn Ridge- Battle of the Bulge Waffen SS, found with a boot tap rusted to it (the item at lower right). I kind of hate to try and clean it, but maybe one day I will give it a try
WW2 1942-1944 Found near Kiev Waffen SS - Steel. Dug near Kiev "many years ago" by a local
WW2 1944 Huelgoat, Brittany German paratrooper- found  in 1997 at the site of a German Para training depot of the 3rd Para Div. . Found by YC
WW2 1945 Oder River defenses Steel SS buckle- I am told that the SS ones rust much more than the Army one- must be due to the metal content. Scrap of leather remains in theback.
WW2 1945 Posttsdman Officers buckle- Asman and sons marked.
WW2 1944 Narva, Estonia, 2006 Russian Army, Steel buckle, sometimes called the model 1944.
WW2 1944   Russian Army Brass Buckle ,    This one was found at Stalag308 Nauhammer in Swietosow, Poland. Almost surely worn by  soviet POW there. . 

(stamping  on reverse)

WW2 1944   Russian Army Brass Buckle, This was is slightly crushed, and found in a river in the Carpathian Mountains in Southeast Poland in an area where the Germans held up the Soviet Army for over a month in 1944. Note the crud on the back which looks to be the remains of the leather belt.

Cool Dug Buckles I've missed out on and wish I had been able to add them to my collection.   

WW1     Imperial WW1 Russian Artillery Buckle.  
WW2     German Army- with a design (an anchor? a Divisional Marking? ) carved into it. Found in the Ardennes region  
WW2     German buckle shaved down to a flat surface, then a star hammered into it. I have been told some of these may be faked.  

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