Some of my Favorite books

Good Books : these are books which aren’t specifically devoted to Bleuette, but which I highly recommend. It has been said that before you collect anything you should read all you can about the subject and see authentic pieces in museums.  Here is the museum brought to you.


The Ribbon is Free: Antique Doll Bonnets 1850-1925 by Florence Theriault 72 pages of eye-candy, 33 examples specific to the first quarter of the 20th century, with the closeness and clarity not often available in museums; this book is second only to having these antique beauties in your hands.  See the different shapes, colors and especially the unexpected combinations of fabrics that were used in the early years of Bleuette.   Photographs include the interiors of the hats and even the foundation wiring for the Charlotte style.  Here is the book to educate and inspire you, your hats will never be the same again!


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