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The 121st Infantry Regiment

 The 121st Infantry Regiment was originally a unit of the Georgia National Guard.  As such it had a long history dating back to the Civil War. The unusual insignia for the regiment is a representation of a gray bonnet- taken from a song the men used to sing while on the march. The song gave rise to the unit nickname of the "Gray Bonnets" and the development of this insignia.



WW2 Unit History of the 121st (from the 1946 121st Blue Book)

After Action Reports (from 121st Infantry NARA File)


 Soldier's Stories

Commanding Officers of the 121st Infantry Regiment

8 Jul 1944 Col Albert H Peyton
9 Jul 1944 Col John R Jeter
25 Nov 1944 Col T J Cross
22 Mar 1945 Lt Col Earl L Lerette

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