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 The 8th division  was reactivated in 1950 to become a basic training unit at Fort Jackson S.C. Originally training new recruits as replacements for other units, the Cold War developed a need for more active divisions in the Army, and the 8th moved from a training unit to a standard infantry division. Taking part in Operation Gyroscope (in which military units were rotated between American and Europe) the 8th returned to Germany where it would stay until the end of the cold war.

During its stay in Germany the division went from a standard triangular division to a PENTOMIC division with five battle groups, including an airborne element. In 1963 it again was reorganized as a ROAD division which resembled more of a fluid approach to divisional organization similar to that of a WW2 era Armored Division. 

Throughout this time period the 8th Infantry Division became known as a unit with deep roots in Germany. German made insignia and 8th related souvenirs are in great abundance as the local businesses rebuilt their economy around pay day for the American GI's.




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A camp sign showing the insignia of the artillery units.

1950 Information Handbook for new members of the 8th Division at Ft. Jackson, S.C.
(digitized copy coming soon).
60s insingnia Insignia worn in the 8th Infantry Division in 1967
(From Pathfinder Association booklet: 1967)
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